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What is the LRKA Story

You remember kickball, the big red ball, pegging your buds, hauling tail to base, the dodging, the running, the good times...The sound of that big red playground ball...BA-LOING!! BA-LOING!!!! BA-LOING!!!! BA-LOING!!!!

The Grand Poo

It is I, The Grand Poobah of All Things Kickball! My name is Larry Betz and I am the founder and CEO of The Little Rock Kickball Association, LLC. here in Little Rock Arkansas. We have recently completed our 35th season with a total of 62 teams in four leagues!

We have the Laid Back league for those people who want to come out for the love of the game, have great kickball fun and make friends from all walks. The Novice League for those new to the game. The Intermediate League is for those, like myself who want the competition that kickball has to offer but doesn't wanna get blasted week after week by super studs. The Competitive League is the league for all of those people who wanna take their red ball action to the next level! Watch some of these games and you will see just how much action kickball and the LRKA has to offer.

We have been in all the papers including the worldwide publication, The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, The Economist Magazine,, on TV and radio and everyone will tell you what a blast it is to be a grown up playing a kid's game!!! And not to mention our end of season party!!!!!!!! Read the great article that appeared in "The Localist," it really gives a great accounting of the forming of the LRKA (Click Here). Again, we had over 400 people at our last end of season party!!!! And our playoffs had some of the most exciting Kickball Action ever since the 5th grade and The First Annual Kick "Ball" and Awards Party was the BIGGEST PARTY Little Rock has ever seen!!!

Do not forget that we are also community minded and that we have our own 501 (c)3, The Big Red Ball Charitable Foundation. Through that organization, we have made almost $300k in cash and inkind donations to local charities serving animals and children including Hearts and Hooves, Youth Home, Our House, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, CASA, Pfeifer Youth Camp, and the Little Rock Animal Shelter. Our calendar is full of events with charity in mind! Our motto: "if you do good, good things happen.."