About the LRKA

Our Mission

It is the mission of this humble group to promote Kickball and all its silliness to all corners of the known world. Furthermore, we are a socially awkward and inappropriate group of K-Ball misfits bent on making the world a better place through community building, public service, charitable work and grownups playing outdoor children's sports while hanging out with friends on Sundays. We also make it our goal to promote Independent Kickball and to aid others in setting up their own leagues!!!

Our Grand Profile

I, and all of the members of the LRKA, go out of our ways to ensure that a good time is had by all and that all are invited to play. No one will ever be picked last in our group!!! All are welcomed regardless of age, gender, race, or athletic ability. We have one of the most dynamic and varied groups around with people from all walks of life. It makes for a great time!!!

The LRKA is dedicated to increasing our level of community awareness through building interest, connections within the community and by promoting our community service projects. We promote good sportsmanship, outdoor activity, healthy exercise and the building of friendships that last longer than one season...

We promote the use of our local public parks, pay our money to reserve and use them and are dedicated to improving them and leaving those parks cleaner than we found them....

We are dedicated to rewarding those people and businesses who sponsor us and our league and most of all our good time!!!!

Our members come from all walks of life, all ages, all social backgrounds, all occupations. Remember, everyone is invited to play. We forget about the world one day a week and play Kickball!!!!!!