March 19 2021

Take A Moment

This Sunday will end a 378 days since last we all gathered at the fields, reveled in each other's company, and played Kickball. It has been such a long and difficult year and the world has undoubtedly changed.

Take a moment when you first get out of your car at Interstate and take it all in both the sights and sound in front of you but everything that is now behind you in the last 378 days.

Since March 8th of 2020 when last we gathered we lost one of our own in Micky Stuart and were not allowed to properly gather to celebrate his life and to comfort his wife Heather Stuart and they met because of the LRKA. You will notice Micky is listed in a place of honor on every team roster as an honorary member. Once a kickballer, always a kickballer.

Since last many of us have embraced at the fields, we have survived a pandemic though so many did not. Since the last time the red ball rolled, we were reminded of the deeply engrained and systemic racism that exists in our country and the ugly tendrils of injustice, social inequality, and general feeling of not being safe that so many of our fellow league members live with every day. Since the last time we rounded the bases, a deep, dangerous and cynical divide showed itself in our beloved democracy. All of these issues can better be addressed when we all come together, support each other, listen to one another, and play together. We flippantly say, "Kickball is life" but the last 387 days has shown to me just how important to my life all of you are and what the role a group like ours can have in the community.

Use this kickball Sunday as an opportunity to reconnect (at a safe distance), express gratitude, to spread joy, and to appreciate a simple kid's game that we are lucky enough to play but also commit yourself both on the fields and away to being a better friend to all, a better citizen, and fighter of injustice and racism.

I would like to remind everyone that we should continue to behave responsibly, avoid hugging and unnecessary close contact with people, socially distance, wash and sanitize our hands often, and please wear a mask especially when gathered in dugouts. I hope to see all of you continuing to wear your masks especially when you are not playing. Be mindful that we are still living through a pandemic and behaving irresponsibly not only puts lives at risk but it could also potentially be the ruin of the league you love. Imagine if our league bent on doing good and being a force for positive change in our community was labeled a super spreader with direct links to lives lost.

If Sunday morning you have experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48 hours, PLEASE DO NOT COME OUT TO THE FIELDS:

  • fever or chills
  • cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • muscle or body aches
  • headache
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • sore throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea

Please let me know if you have any questions and do not hesitate to text or message me. See ya Sunday!

March 4 2021



With the reduction in teams this season, it now looks like we will be able to push back the start of the Spring 2021 season to March 21 rather than March 14. Hopefully delaying the additional week will contribute to a safer overall environment as infection numbers continue to drop and might ensure we have warmer spring weather.

We will not have games on Easter (April 4) and the 6 week regular season will May 2.

We will then take off for Mother's Day (May 9) though that date may be used for a rain make up day if needed and two week playoffs will be May 16 and 23. In the event that we need two rain days (when has that ever happened?), the second rain day will be May 16 and Playoffs will be a single day on May 23.

February 8 2021


REJOICE PEOPLE!!!! From Parks and Rec when I inquired about the possibility of a spring season:

"Good morning Larry I am planning for our adult softball and youth softball league so I would say yes I would plan for it. I’m still in the waiting phase for my program but it looks promising I know we both will have to follow the CDC guild lines but I think we can make it happen. We are meeting weekly about programming so that’s a great sign."

I am going to rush to set up registration for any new teams and shoot for March 14th start date. STAY TUNED!!!

September 22 2020

2020 Fall Season Cacelled

I have come to the very difficult decision to cancel the fall 2020 season. There are too many variables, too many risks, too many stressors, and I can see very few roads that lead to a completed and successful season. I will say, the fall captains that responded were basically split 50/50 on whether or not to play the season. That also contributes to my decision.

My greatest fear is someone will get sick or one of your loved ones will get sick. I also worry about the reputation of the league and what would happen if a few weeks in, more teams flaked out for any number of valid reasons and schedules collapsed? How could I offer value to those few teams that remain? I promise there is not a scenario you could pose that I have not lay awake pondering.

I know that no matter what I decide, a great number of people will be upset. And my mind flips back and forth by the minute.

I have agonized over this year and it has and is taking a real toll on my health, my life, and my joy. I cannot sleep at night, I'm drinking too much, and I find my mental health slipping back to an old, dark and familiar place. My eyes are filling with tears even now as I write this. Yet, I know as soon as I post this message, my twisted fucking ego will make me question my own decision and now I will still lay awake agonizing and rethinking everything.

I have given 16 years of my life building this and creating a strong reputation. I have missed family events ranging from birthday parties, graduations, even my mother's own wake which was held on a Sunday - all for this league. I promise you, I do not make any decisions lightly. And I also promise that when it is safe and practical to do so, we will take to the fields again. I pray (and I am not a praying man) that it will be the spring and we will come together again like it was before and there will be hugs, and drinks shared, and memories will be made to cover and erase the brutal memories of this past year.

I am going to go social media quiet and take a few days before reconnecting with all of you. My hope for each of you is that you are well, safe, and can wring whatever joy that can be found in every moment. Know that I love and miss you all so much.

May 27 2020

2020 Spring Season Cancelled

THE LRKA IS OFFICIALLY CANCELING THE SPRING 2020 SEASON DUE TO COVID-19. The health and safety of our members and the wider community is paramount. With continued concerns related to gatherings and community transmission of COVID-19, I believe that it is unlikely that a viable spring season will be logistically possible in the short term. Any dues paid for the Spring season will be rolled forward to the next playable season. It is my hope that we will return for the fall 2020 season which will begin the week after Labor Day. The season will start over and registration will open for any new teams that may want to join.

I want to encourage you each to practice social distancing, hand washing, and to wear masks when in public. I also want to encourage you all to take care of yourselves and each other. Check in with one another and do what you can to create joy in the world in the temporary absence of kickball.

May 8 2020

Spring League Update

The only update I have from the city is that they are still not allowing groups larger than 10 to congregate in city parks. I was asked to check back next week but I believe that any opening of the parks will happen by incrementally allowing larger groups in stages (and rightfully so). This means that a group our size is unlikely to logistically be able to gather in city parks anytime soon.

I told them I would give them some time to work out a timeline to increase gathering sizes before making any call on the season but I think we all know the reality. In the event that the spring season doesn’t happen, paid teams will have the option to roll to fall or to next spring or to “sell” their slot to any takers they find. AGAIN, I AM NOT CANCELING THE SPRING SEASON AT THIS MOMENT.

In the event that a window opens up in the summer for a few weeks for a shortened season made up of 8-12 teams consisting of draft players who choose to play, I will explore that but gathering size restrictions mandated by the city will still dictate any possibilities.

With any luck, I humbly predict that groups of 50 will be allowed in a month so maybe pickup games will be a possibility for small groups though I do not suspect bathrooms and faculties will be open and any such games would not be actual league sanctioned games.

Stay tuned, patient, and healthy.

March 17 2020

Tentative Restart

Tentative Restart to Spring 2020 Season Planned: With current recommendations from the CDC and guidelines being put in place by state and city officials and out of an overwhelming sense of duty to our community and league members, the LRKA's greatest responsibility is to keeping everyone safe. This includes active members, their extended family, and other members of our community at risk for COVID-19. With a group our size, it is not hard to imagine how far our community reach spreads. This is the right call.

By order of the city no park reservations until after April 30. When the ban is lifted, we will resume the season May 3. I will rework the schedule so that the regular season will run 5 weeks with games NOW on Mother's Day. We will then break for Memorial Day, finish season on June 7 and then have a one day playoff on June 14. Games that took place already will stand.

In the meantime, I know there will be a few pretty days and evenings and people will be drawn to the fields. Please act responsibly and adhere to guideline recommendations regarding congregating in close contact groups.

Remember on the other side of this and for the greater good, we have to be willing to let those ignorant chastise us because some will say we overreacted. So be it. If in the end, it appears that way to some then that means our efforts were not in vain.

Please look out for yourselves and each other, arm yourself with facts, dispel fear where you can, lead with compassion, AND WASH YOUR HANDS.


November 27 2019

Spring 2020

The Spring 2020 season begins March 8, 2020


12/1/2019 - Spring Registration opens!

  • $300 – Before 12/16/19 (Only 20 Spots Total Available at This Price)
  • $350 – after 12/16/2019 but before 11:59pm 1/15/2020
  • $375 – after 1/16/2020 but before 11:59pm 1/31/2020
  • $400 – after 2/1/2019 but before 11:59pm 2/14/2020 (REGISTRATION ENDS)
  • $450 – after 2/15/2020 (LATE PAYMENT)


*Not including $10 processing fees if paying online or with CC. Avoid processing fee by paying with cash or check!

*Not including $10 processing fees if paying online or with CC. Avoid processing fee by paying with cash or check or via facebook messenger!



Send any questions to Poo at 501-563-1244 (text is great!) or email

May 19 2019

5/19/19 Games Cancelled



It has been a brutal, wet season… We played 3 weekends in March, 1 weekend in April, and 1 weekend in May. Our longest continuous streak of weeks played is a heart crushing 2 (in March and April 28 thru May 5). We had a 4 week break from the last game played in March on 3/31 and 4/28 and now we will have at least a 4 week break from the last game played in May until we meet again on June 2.

April 17 2019

Let's Play On!

You know, normally when we get rained out this much I think about redoing the schedule and condensing the season which I’ve been in the past. Screw that.

Why would I want to take away beautiful Sunday afternoons that we could spend together? I say let’s play this thing out because it will mean playing it out when the sun is shining and the air is warm and all of the spring rain is behind us. It will mean being out there doing what we love. Let’s not condense playoffs to only one Sunday this year no matter what. Let’s have an old school end of season BBQ like the old days even if it is in late June!

So much of what is great about the LRKA depends on us being together and drawing on our collective love for the league, game, and each other. Shortening the season hampers that. Rather than taking all of this rain as an F you from mother nature, I’m deciding to see it as her way of encouraging us to play on warmer sunnier days when we can really get our party on.

  • Games from March 24 will be played May 5
  • Games from April 7 will be played May 12
  • Games from April 14 will be played May 19
  • First round of playoffs June 2
  • Final round of playoffs June 9


March 24 2019

3/24/19 Games Cancelled

Games from today will now be played on May 5.

A word about rain outs:

In the event of one rainout: Those games move to May 5 and playoffs are May 12 & 19. (Games on Mother's Day May 12)

In the event of two rainouts: Those games move to May 5 and 12 and playoffs are May 19. (Games on Mother's Day May 12)

In the event of three rainouts: Those games move to May 5, 12, and 19 playoffs are May 25. (Games on Mother's Day May 12)

September 10 2018

9/9/18 Games Cancelled

Today's game been cancelled due to wet field conditions.

The games originally scheduled for 9/9/18 will now be played on 10/28/18. We will move the day in its entirety to the end of the season. This will require condensing playoffs to one Sunday. Playoffs will now happen on 11/4/18.

Play the remainder of your schedule as it appears on your team page

April 22 2018

Games Cancelled

We are officially canceled today, we will move games from today to May 13.

This is due to the current field conditions and the expectations of additional rain coming through this afternoon. At this point, if we have to reschedule even half a day, it will cost us an entire day and time.

I still do not have email at my house so please help spread the word!

April 10 2018

Games Tonight!

DON'T FORGET: THERE ARE GAMES TONIGHT! For the first time in over 14 years, the LRKA is having sanctioned/scheduled games not on a Sunday! These were games originally scheduled for 3/18 and I am very appreciative of the captains and teams being so flexible!

Come out and cheer them on! Games will be played on fields 1, 2, and 3.

There would be time for a pick up game or two before games start at 6pm and we have an open field at 7:15pm so come on out!

April 9 2018

4/8/18 Games Rescheduled

HEADS UP: All games originally scheduled for 4/8/2018 will now be played 5/6/2018. This means that, playoffs will now be condensed to one day and take place on 5/20/2018.

Please make sure you know that means you play the remaining schedule as scheduled. This also means that at this time, Mother's Day (5/13) is still open for a rain day.

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD: My home PC has decided to die on me which means I cannot send out mass emails to captains at this time. Please help get the word out.

September 19 2017

Fall Charity Drive

Don't forget that the Fall Charity Drive is September 24th! On that day we will be collecting at minimum two backpacks full of school supplies from each team.

Teams who wish to donate cash towards this effort, can do so here: Donate Charity Drive

August 10 2017


Draft Party

Draft Captain Donation

August 10 2017

Help us select the draft order and raise money for a great cause!

One of our own, Ramos "Wolverine" Tucker, II, passed away Monday, July 17, 2017 at the age of only 26.

The LRKA has vowed to help by raising money for Tucker's infant son, "T3". 100% of the donation you make here will go to the family and a portion of the other tournament proceeds will also be donated to "T3".

Your donation will be handled by our non-profit, The Big Red Ball Charitable Foundation, and is 100% tax deductible. To increase our donation, the LRKA will eat any and all processing fees for the donation you make. If you donate any amount even like $5.63 (for example) to this cause, every penny of that $5.63 will go to the family.

Enter any amount great or small!

Periodically, I will post the leader board and captains are not necessarily expected to donate to their own campaign.

Vote and make your donation here: Make Your Captain Donation Here Tucker

2017 LRKA Draft Tournament

August 10 2017



Draft Tourney


May 25 2017
  • May 25, 2017 - Fall 2017 Registration Opens
  • August 7, 2017 - Registration Ends
  • September 10, 2017 - Fall 2017 Season BEGINS!
  • October 29, 2017 - First Round of Playoffs
  • November 5, 2017 - CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY


  • $300 – before 11:59pm 6/15/2017
  • $325 – after 6/16/2017 but before 11:59pm 6/30/2017
  • $350 – after 7/1/2017 but before 11:59pm 7/15/2017
  • $375 – after 7/16/2017 but before 11:59pm 7/31/2017
  • $400 – after 8/1/2017 but before 11:59pm 8/10/2017
  • $450 – after 8/11/2017 (LATE PAYMENT)
  • *Not including $10 processing fees if paying online or with CC. Avoid processing fee by paying with cash or check!

Kickball This Sunday

May 4 2017


  • The Spring Collection Drive is NOW this SUNDAY! INFO BELOW.
  • Games from April 30th will now be played May 14th.
  • Playoffs will now be ONE DAY happening May 21st

If you have any questions, let me know ASAP!


April 22 2017
Updated May 4 2017


Every Sunday, we have many pets out in our midst and it is obvious that the good people that make up this great league are also animal lovers,. So again this Spring, the LRKA is teaming up with the Little Rock Animal Village, kickballers and animal lovers everywhere to help meet the needs of animal care providers and animals in the Central Arkansas area!

Our SPRING ANIMAL DRIVE is ( April 30th) May 7th. Because of past donations the LRKA has received special recognition from the Little Rock City Board of Directors, the mayor of LR, and the league's support of animals is forever etched in stone at the animal shelter! Not to mention, it makes the lives of some wonderful animals that much better. On the collection date, the shelter brings out their traveling adoption wagon, and every season a handful of lucky kickballers adopt a new best friend.

Our motto: Finally, you can take a dog home from kickball you won't regret on Monday morning! If you are in the market for a best friend, you know kickball is the best place to look!

As many of you know, the LRKA was started in memorial for dear friends and as part of that mission, we take community service projects very seriously. Many people come up to me and want to thank me for all my hard work. I appreciate that but if you want to show me some gratitude, make sure you get involved in our charity events! I believe a group of any size has a responsibility to give back to its community and I also believe if you do good, good things happen! We are the largest, most dynamic group in Central Arkansas and we all work together we can have a truly positive impact in our community!

On Sunday, April 30 at Interstate Park, the LRKA will be collecting care packages from each team. This season, to better meet the needs of the animals and to make it easier for some teams to participate, we are offering two options for participation: either collect the items on the list or make a donation of $60.

Remember, each team is required to participate. Please review the LRKA rules concerning participation in the seasonal charity events and understand that any hopes your team has with advancing to the post season starts here!

See the Shopping List Here

Make the Online Donation here

April 18 2017

2017 Spring Collection Drive

Every Sunday, we have many pets out in our midst and it is obvious that the good people that make up this great league are also animal lovers,. So again this Spring, the LRKA is teaming up with the Little Rock Animal Village, kickballers and animal lovers everywhere to help meet the needs of animal care providers and animals in the Central Arkansas area!

On Sunday, April 10 at Interstate Park, the LRKA will be collecting care packages from each team. This season, to better meet the needs of the animals and to make it easier for some teams to participate, we are offering two options for participation: either collect the items on the list or make a donation of $60.

Remember, each team is required to participate. Please review the LRKA rules concerning participation in the seasonal charity events and understand that any hopes your team has with advancing to the post season starts here!

Click on the image below to make your donation!

March 12 2017


IT'S OFFICIAL: there will be no kicball today!

I will be at Stones Throw Brewing (402 E 9th St, Little Rock, AR 72202) beginning at 1 PM to hand out team packets and balls if anyone would like to stop by and visit. I will be there probably 2-ish to 3 hours. If you have serious questions, I suggest getting there closer to 1 PM.


Thank you and be safe!

January 11 2017


Join the fun and join the Redball Nation as we travel to Baton Rouge for a preseason road trip! The cost per player will be determined once we get an idea for how many are traveling.

If there is enough interest, we will take 2 teams:

  • Serious Team - going to Baton Rouge to win it all!
  • Ambassador Team - going to Baton Rouge to win at life


  • February 17, 2017 - Travel to BR - (Friday - party)
  • February 18, 2017 - Play in Tourney - (Saturday - party)
  • February 19, 2017 - Return to AR - (Sunday - hung over)
  • February 20, 2017 - Call in Sick to Work

Click here to sign up!

November 11 2016


  • November 15, 2016 - Spring 2017 Registration Opens
  • February 15, 2017 - Registration Ends
  • March 12, 2017 - Spring 2017 Season BEGINS!
  • April 16, 2017 - NO GAMES (Easter)
  • May 7, 2017 - First Round of Playoffs
  • May 14, 2017 - NO GAMES (Mother’s Day – RAIN MAKE-UP DAY)
  • May 21, 2017 - CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY

Obviously, if we get any weather cancellations, first we will condense from 2 weekends of playoffs to one. If we get a second, we will play Mother's Day. If we get rained out the entire month of May, which has happened, we will play into June... You know how it goes in the spring. Come on La Nina!

November 1 2016

Josh Berry's Funeral Services

Josh Berry Services: Rosary will be held on Wednesday, November 2 at 7:30 p.m., followed by visitation at Christ the King Catholic Church. The Mass of Christian Burial will be Thursday, November 3 at 10:00 a.m. at Christ the King, celebrated by Msgr. Francis I. Malone. Interment will follow at Calvary Cemetery.

Christ the King Catholic Church is located at 4000 N Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock, AR 72212

September 18 2016

Games cancelled due to rain.

I just got the official word from the city that we are canceled for today. While it is likely that the afternoon would be playable, the fields would be wet by that point and we are stuck in a situation where we either have to reschedule the entire day or play the entire day. The complexities of our schedule and our size do not allow half days.

At this point, we will look at condensing the playoffs to one day and make up this date in October.

The fall collection drive will take place next weekend.

In the event that your team chooses to get together this afternoon and play somewhere, please make sure you represent the league well and leave the fields clean.


August 22 2016

Captain's Meeting

CAPTAIN'S MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY FROM 6PM - 8PM AT THE REV ROOM IN LITTLE ROCK!!! This will be the place where you pick up your team packets and your balls for opening Sunday and I will be on hand with League Reps to answer questions about the upcoming season!

Address to Rev Room is 300 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201

August 8 2016

Tiers and Schedule Finalized

The 2016 Fall Tiers and Schedule has been finalized. That information can be found on the kickball page. News on the Captain's Meeting coming soon.

May 12 2016

Playoff Brackets

Here are the Kickball Khaos Brackets for the Spring 2016 LRKA Post Season!

Remember, the playoffs will now be condensed to one day! Brackets will be selected next TUESDAY at Next Level Events beginning at 6pm.

Brackets can be found here

May 11 2016

Kickball Khaos

FYI- The Kickball Khaos Bracket Selection Party is next Tuesday, May 17, starting at 6pm at Next Level Events.

This is when playoff teams select their bracket positions. There will be food, booze, and fun! Plus I usually make a special announcement that night!

Address to Next Level Events: 1400 W Markham St. Little Rock, AR 72201

May 1 2016

Games Cancelled

I just got word that we are officially canceled for today.

Please be patient and we will work on the reschedule. This is going to be particularly hard because it's going to be so sunny today and nice but the city makes the call.

April 29 2016

In case of rainout

In the likely event that we get rained out this weekend, we will make up the games scheduled for May 1 up on May 15. Games originally scheduled for March 13 will still happen May 8.

This will mean the post season will be condensed to one day on May 22 and will mean the following:

  • Post season games will start at 11am on May 22
  • All fields will be on a 1 hour schedule and the 50 minute time limit will be in effect for all but final championship games

CL - Post season will consist of a 7 team single elimination bracket.

INT - Post season will consist of a 16 team single elimination bracket taking 5, 4, 4, 3 from the 4 tiers.

NOV - Post season will consist of a 16 team single elimination bracket taking 5, 4, 4, 3 from the 4 tiers.

LBL - Will adjust and have scheduled slot of time starting at 4pm with final game at 7pm.

April 26 2016


If you know your team is forfeiting this weekend, please be considerate and let me and your opponents know ASAP.

The last few weekends, we have had teams flake out and not do a great job of letting other people know. This means disappointed kickballers standing around.

We tend to have the most forfeits on the final Sunday of the regular season. I expect that this number will be higher than normal since it is a rain make up day and falls on Mother's Day. If you know your team has no shot at post season and/or will be forfeiting the make-up games on 5/8, please let me and your opponents know ASAP. This will allow your fellow players to make plans with their families and allow time for us to potentially fill in those holes in the schedule and shorten the day for everyone else.

March 6 2016

Spring 2016 Opening Day

Yay! Today is the day and what a beautiful day we have in store for us!!!

  1. Make sure you are going off the correct schedules! Click here for Final Schedule.
  2. Make sure your team is aware of the new time slots for this season with the first game starting at 11:30 AM. It is important that that game start on time and all rest!
  3. All games have the last inning called at 50 minutes!
  4. Join us for brunch in the pavilion at 10:30am!
  5. Pick up your trash!
  6. If you did not get your team packet and balls, text me when you get to the park.
  7. Write your name on all your goodies so you can keep up with it.
  8. Make some new friends today!
  9. Hug the Can Lady!
  10. Text me your scores ASAP!!!

-The Poo

March 3 2016

Rosters now locked for Week 1

Captains, rosters are locked for this weekend. They will reopen Monday moning and lock for next weekend at 5pm on Wednesday. Please get your changes in on time

February 19 2016
Updated February 23 2016

Captain's Meeting

Captain's Meeting: March 4th from 6-8pm at Another Round in Little Rock.

SPREAD THE WORD: The Captain's Meeting will now be Wednesday, March 2nd from 6-8pm at Khalil's.

I do appreciate so many people helping think of alternative locations and when we have more time, I am completely open to spreading the love and trying some new places.

-The Poo

February 19 2016

Last Day to Register!

All team registration ends at midnight tonight! If you have not registered and paid at minimum the deposit, you will not be playing this spring!

Because of the short time between the end of registration and the start of the season, there will be no late additions to the league. If you do not get signed up today, you will not play!

To register, click HERE

-The Poo

February 12 2016

Improvments to Interstate Park!

If you would like to request improvements at Interstate Park, please take a second to download and complete the city's request form. You can click and email it directly to the parks department or print and mail it to them. Or you can fill out an form online I put together from your smart phone or other device and I will email it on your behalf.

Please be respectful and let's see what we can get down when we work together!

Click HERE to download the fillable PDF that you can email directly or print and mail yourself.


Click HERE for an online form I that I will email on your behalf.

-The Poo

February 11 2016

Chili With A Kick

Looking ahead, on the date that would have been Chili with a Kick (CWAK) 2016, they are calling for temperatures in the 70's. That is of course my luck when it comes to the weather because you and I know that had we worked to put on the event this year, it would be calling for freezing monsoon rains and forty mph winds. I do not have a good relationship with Mother Nature apparently.

I will admit that I am missing CWAK this year and all of the excitement and anticipation of that special day and I know so many people have reached out asking about the event that had become a mainstay of our event calendar. I would love to bring it back but it would take some serious commitments of time, talent, and passion. Few people know this but that entire massive event was basically put on and planned for 12 months by 4-6 people who did all of the work and donated all of their time; me among them and the event was successful raising annually over $15k for charity. The event grew too big for such a small group of dedicated people and those of us involved from the beginning all had changes in our own lives involving work and family obligations and our time became too scarce, the work too strenuous. I will also say that those of us involved in the intensive planning and work for last year's event were left mentally battered after the weather creamed us repeatedly and all of our work for CWAK 2015 was wasted. It took many of us months before we could even begin thinking about CWAK again and by then it was too late for 2016 and our numbers were too small to even consider a run at it. The reasons for the collapse of CWAK are not too dissimilar as to why the THV Hearts & Hooves tournament faded way a few years ago: not enough dedicated volunteers willing to selflessly and earnestly commit to the heavy lifting of a project.

All the time, I am approached by well meaning people from the league who offer to help and I know they sincerely want to help but when it comes down to shifting their personal schedules and priorities to make monthly or bi-monthly committee meetings and to dedicate time every day to work on assignments necessary for the success for an event, to invest sweat equity, and passion they fall short. I do not think less of them. Few people understand what they are volunteering for when they sign on to help organize fundraising events and no one understands more than me how much life changes and how scarce extra time is when you consider the obligations of family, career, and sanity but in a perfect world, we would have a vibrant and dedicated group of 10-15 individuals from all walks of life willing to do the heavy lifting required for the execution of an event and invested in the success of that event. These people would commit themselves and hold each other accountable. These would be disciplined and passionate individuals committed to the "Spirit of the Big Red Ball", the idea that we can make a real difference in our community, and that there is inherent value in selflessly doing good for the sake of doing good.

I am not asking for people to come forward and volunteer this second but I am asking you to consider for a moment why you are a member of the LRKA and what you can do to better not only the LRKA but also your community.

-The Poo

February 2 2016

New Opening Date and Time Schedule

VERY IMPORTANT: I just got word from the city that they are redoing the football fields and they will not be available for play until mid May. This obviously causes some issues for this season and I am going to have to make some major changes this season.

Things should return to normal for the Fall 2016 season. Losing 4 fields a week is going to complicate things so everyone be patient.

  1. The season will now start March 6 instead of March 13th.
  2. I am suspending the start of Bubbleball. If you have paid, I will gladly move your payment to the future date once it is set or refund that amount to you.
  3. For this season, games will be on a one hour and ten minute schedule with first games starting at 11:30am. This moves game times to 11:30am, 12:40pm, 1:50pm, 3:00pm, 4:10pm, 5:20pm, 6:30pm, and 7:40pm.
  4. The league will be limited to no more than 85 teams. Adding one week to the regular season plus an extra slot to each field allows for 384 regular season games and a maximum of 85 teams. This means that if you wait to get your spot in, YOU MAY NOT BE PLAYING THIS SEASON. Everyone stay flexible and understand that this will be for one season and come next fall, the football fields will have new turf.

-The Poo