Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is and it rocks!!! It is the same game you remember with the big, bouncy, wonderful red ball only now we can drink beer while playing!!! The rules are now organized and the competition is FIERCE!!!! Everyone wants to win a trophy, drink beer and have fun!!!

“Charter teams,” those who played in the recent past have first right or refusal on keeping their original spots. See registration dates

  • You need to firstly read and understand all the rules of the LRKA. They are included on this site.
  • You need to decide whether or not you are going Competitive, Intermediate, Novice or Laid Back
  • Then you need to fill your roster with as few as 9 players or as many as 20 players. Remember that at least 4 players must be female. This can be done online.
  • You must see that each member of your team signs the waivers which is included in this packet.
  • You must then turn in your team dues and waivers to Larry Betz by before due dates.
  • You must then come up with a kickass team name and T-shirts
  • Read the List of Captain’s Duties included in the rules packet.

The Spring 2024 season will start on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

The games will be played in parks paid for and reserved by the LRKA in Little Rock. They will be at Interstate Softball Complex. Click here for Map

The final schedule will be out after the deadline for team registration has passed.

Yes, you can! We are a very social group of people who are always looking for new members. The best thing to do if you are looking for a team to join is show up at one of our open practices or at the games and introduce yourself. Contact me directly, I know first hand teams that are needing players.

Anyone who has signed a waiver and is under the age of 100 is invited to play. We ask that most of our members be over 21 since drinking does take place. Players under 21 are required to be at least 18 and will be the “ward’ of their team captain.

This upcoming season will be our 38th season and we have topped out at 104 teams. Our inaugural spring season was a huge success with 16 teams starting out and as many 300 people attending our end of season party! The 2nd Season was even bigger with 29 teams and an even bigger party!!! We have grown ever since!

You are not required to have a team sponsor but they are helpful for helping pay league dues and buy t-shirts. Getting a business to sponsor you is very easy. All you have to do is ask.

Many places make t-shirts around LR. Many of our members use Matt at Section 8. He treats us very well and is very creative. You can reach him at Section 8, 501-664-8815. Also, try Altura Graphics at 501-753-4925.

Subscribe Here to submit your email address so that you can get all of the updates automatically. Encourage all of your players to subscribe and friend us on FaceBook!

Just let me know you want to help and I will find something for you to do. I appreciate everything that others can do to help make our league a success.

The money goes towards balls, fields, trophies, website, merchandise, printer ink, awards, publicity and most importantly, our huge, kickass end of season party!!!

WAKA, if you have searched on the web is “The World Adult Kickball Association”. They consider themselves to be the center of the kickball universe. Well, I am out to prove them wrong!!! They are a FOR PROFIT group and it costs between $60 and $70 dollars per person to join them…to play a kids game!!!! They only provide the same exact service I do but make a huge profit off us wanting to have fun!!! I said “No thank you!” to them. We are independent of them and play by different rules.

Man, I wish this was really a FAQ!!! Basically, anyone wanting help sponsor our league or donate goodies for our end of season party just needs to contact me. It would be a wonder that I have not hit you up already!!!

Even though kickball is obviously a baseball inspired sport, we aren’t playing baseball!!! Many of the rules are the same. We have changed some of the rules to make the game more fun, competitive and unique.

I am Larry Betz, The founder of the LRKA and the Grand Poobah of All Things Kickball. I started the league in the spring of ’04 so that we can all have fun, promote goodwill and become active in our community. It is mine and my girlfriend’s countless hours that got this baby flying and with that hard work comes certain privileges, i.e. I get to be the Grand Poobah of All Things Kickball. I try and consider everyone’s input and opinions and even invite it in regards to kickball related matters but sometimes I just have to make a call on an issue, right or wrong. Basically, I am dictator for life.

The granddaddy of all rules is: “HAVE FUN!” Remember, it is only a kid’s game.

You can contact me directly at anytime if you have questions or need help getting a team together. My contact info is all over this site!!!

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